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I used MyVPRentals.com for a convention in the Orlando area. It worked out perfectly because I needed a place for a week and they specialize in one week’s rentals. I recommend MyVPRentals.com for a great saving on resort accommodations, especially if you are looking for a week’s stay.

Andrew David

I only used my Timeshare twice and I’ve owned it for 11 years. So I decided to start renting the week that I have to make it worth it. I didn’t want to bother with the hassle so I found MyVPRentals.com. So far they rented it twice and it worked out well. I currently have my property with them now.

James William

In a very difficult market, it took a lot of patience and persistence on VPR’s part, we very much appreciate all that you have done for us. You were always there and followed up on every detail and any queries we had during the process you were always helpful, professional, and handled the situation with kindness.